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"Lisa's greatest asset is her rapport with the students and parents, and her calm, clear and positive teaching methods."

Nicole van Bruggen, Principal Clarinet, Australian Romantic and Classical Orchestra

Flute Music Notes
clarinet on notes
Person Playing Saxophone
Flute player in orchestra
Clarinet in orchestra
Saxophone 2
Concert Hall 1

Enjoy learning the Flute, Clarinet or Sax!


Whether your goal is AMEB or exams or learning just for pure enjoyment, Lisa can tailor your lessons to suit you.

  • Pursue any music style: Classical, jazz, folk or pop 

  • Learn to play solo music and in an ensemble

  • Gain confidence with recital experience


And have fun playing the music you want to play!



Hit "Contact" button below. It will bring you to the last page of the website where some of your questions may be answered by the information there. If you don't find what you are looking for there is a contact form to email Lisa.

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